How We Work


We are analytical and creative. We are always forward-looking and address critical issues early on. With our clients we develop effective compliance solutions with an emphasis on maintaining shareholder value.


We see to the integration of all compliance-critical issues and stakeholder interests. We reduce interfaces to a minimum and provide you with one responsible contact person who has all the relevant compentences.


Projects are led by top management only. Size and composition of a team is exclusively determined by the challenges of the individual project. For the performance of special tasks we cooperate with selected trusted partners.

Where We Are Coming From


Michael J. Hubmann is Founder and Managing Director of Monsalvat. He has more than 20 years of experience as Monitoring Trustee, M&A Advisor and Corporate Investment Manager.

Before setting up Monsalvat he was until 2009 Managing Director in the Investment Banking Division of Bank Sal. Oppenheim where he was responsible for more than 30 completed transactions and for significant shareholdings under trustee arrangements. Prior to this he worked until 1998 for Deutsche Bank as a Director in its Global Investment Banking Division in London and Frankfurt and as a Corporate Investment Manager in its Group Strategy Department.

"Monsalvat is synonymous
with a highly customized and
entrepreneurial approach."
"I have established Monsalvat to continue my successful way of working as Monitoring Trustee and Merger Remedy Advisor in my own responsibility."