Active – Integrative – Efficient

Monsalvat is a specialist provider of Monitoring Trustee Services and Merger Remedy Advice regarding commitments to the EU-Commission or national competition authorities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Corporates and competition authorities benefit from our independence and our unique blend of experience from Monitoring Trusteeships, Corporate Investment Management and M&A advisory. Our experience is based on more than 40 successfully completed Monitoring Trusteeships and M&A projects across various sectors and markets.

Monsalvat is synonymous with a highly customised and entrepreneurial approach. We cooperate closely with our clients to develop effective compliance solutions with a constant view on maintaining shareholder value. An integrated approach to all compliance-critical issues and to the frequently complex stakeholder interests is the focal point of our work.

"We support our clients
in complying with
their commitments while
maintaining shareholder value."